Vehicle to Home (V2H) Power Supply Case Study
Vehicle to Home (V2H) Power Supply

The Challenge

Unplanned power outages due to extreme weather are frustrating for customers. Depending on the reason for the outage, service restoration time can vary.

The Solution

Most homeowners don’t have an alternate source of power to draw upon during a power outage, but what if they did?

Alectra Utilities (formerly PowerStream), and its strategic partner, Nissan Canada, demonstrated at the 2012 Georgian College Auto Show that the lithium-ion battery inside the Nissan LEAF™ electric car can to provide the typical Canadian household with enough power for a full day if the battery is fully charged without any change in energy usage patterns.

A power control system connected to the main breaker panel in a customer’s home allows for the home’s electricity supply source to be switched from the power grid to the car’s battery. From there, power is delivered directly to the home’s electrical system, enabling homeowners to operate essential appliances such as an air conditioner, stove, refrigerator, washing machine and dryer, for approximately a full day.

Turning a car battery into a back-up generator also gives homeowners some flexibility when it comes to Ontario’s Time-of-Use electricity rates. In the future, with this technology, homeowners will be able to charge their electric car at night when rates are low and use that power during the day when rates are higher, thereby saving money. This is referred to as ‘load transfer’ technology.

The Benefits

Manage electricity costs:

Consumers can charge the battery in their Nissan LEAF™ at night when electricity prices are cheaper and use it during on-peak periods when rates are higher.

Environmental responsibility:

The Nissan LEAF™ electric vehicle has no internal-combustion engine and no tailpipe, meaning it produces no carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gas emissions. When they charge the battery, owners can do so knowing that almost all of Ontario’s electricity is generated from clean sources.

Reliable power:

Consumers can have the peace of mind of knowing they have a secure alternative source of power during an outage.

Vehicle to Home Power Supply Case Study (657KB PDF)