Self-healing Grid Technology Case Study
Self-healing Grid Technology

The Challenge

Power outages can result in large sections of the electricity distribution system being affected – even though the problem may be isolated to just one small section. It takes time to identify the source, and as repair work takes place, customers want to get on with their daily activities.

The Solution

Alectra Utilities (formerly PowerStream) has installed a new triage tool on a major part of its distribution system – one of the few distribution companies in North America to participate in such an initiative. Designed to pinpoint the source of the outage automatically and restore power sooner, here’s how it works:

Any wonder this new technology is referred to as a ‘self-healing’ power restoration device?

The Benefits

Reliable power:

No one can predict them, but when power outages do happen, everyone wants their power restored as quickly as possible. Automatic isolation and restoration technology cuts down on the time that customers are inconvenienced when an outage occurs.

Value for money:

Alectra Utilities estimates that when the new technology is completely installed, it will significantly increase system reliability of electricity to our customers.

What’s more, this technology significantly reduces the search time — and cost — to determine the location of equipment failures, allowing Alectra Utilities to make repairs and restore power more quickly than in the past.

Self-healing Grid Technology Case Study (576KB PDF)