Residential Power House
SAVE Money. PROTECT Against Outages.
GENERATE Your Own Power.


What is it?

It’s state-of-the-art technology that:

Collects solar energy
through solar panels
and converts it into
Rooftop Solar Panel
Sunverge Battery Backup System

Sends that energy
to a battery backup,
your home, or the grid,
depending on what’s
best for you.

Controls the entire
process with a software
management system.
Sunverge Software Management System
Power your home with solar...
even after the sun goes down.

It's a win-win-win proposition for you.

With this technology, you really can't lose. Here's why:


You can rest assured
knowing that in a power
outage, you have
immediate backup.


You'll save on your
electricity bill, and you can
even send your excess
energy back to the electrical
grid, further reducing your
energy costs.


You can take advantage
of time-of-use rates
and hedge against
potential rate increases.


Sunverge Intelligent Energy Storage | POWER.HOUSE

Thank you for your interest in the POWER.HOUSE pilot program.

Please be advised that we have completed our recruitment for this program and the 20 participants have been finalized.

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