Microgrid Demonstration Project Details
Microgrid Demonstration Project

The Alectra Utilities (formerly PowerStream) Microgrid Demonstration Project marks the next phase in the company's aim of supporting Smart Grid development at the provincial level and raising awareness for the need to leverage innovative "smart" technologies in Ontario's electricity sector.

Microgrid Demonstration Project

Alectra Utilities will be implementing its Microgrid Demonstration Project in two phases, over a two-year period. In phase one, the company will draw electricity from existing assets - a solar array, a wind turbine, a soon-to-be installed natural-gas generator, a lead acid battery and a lithium battery - in order to provide electricity from loads such as lighting, air conditioning and refrigeration at its head office location. Electricity generated from this combination of clean and renewable sources will also be used to power the company's electric vehicle charging stations (which energize the company's fleet of electric vehicles) and to maintain a steady charge in the Microgrid's storage batteries.

Solar Carport Renewz with Silfab Ontario panels 5 kW 20 panels, 250W per panel renewz sustainable solutions
EV Charger Eatons 14.4 kW 2 x 7.2 kW chargers, J1772 Standard renewz sustainable solutions
Natural Gas Generator Caterpillar 35 kW Olympian Model, 1 Phase, 60 Hz; Eaton Automatic Transfer Switch Toromont
Wind Turbine Southwest WindPower 1.8 kW Downwind Turbine rated for 208Vac Enviro-Energy Technologies
Solar Panel SunPower 17 kW 81 SunPower 210W solar modules on dual axis trackers Enviro-Energy Technologies
Inverter SMA Canada 6000W each Sunny Island 6048-US off-grid solar inverters Enviro-Energy Technologies
Sodium Nickel Chloride Battery General Electric 6 kW Capacity: 2 kWh Rosewater Group
Lithium Ion Battery CALB 12 kW Capacity: 5 kWh Rosewater Group
Lead Acid Battery Surrette   Capacity: 23 kWh Enviro-Energy Technologies

Building Load: