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Alectra Utilities (formerly PowerStream) believes that Microgrids will be an integrated part of our energy future: Not only will they change the way electricity is transmitted, they represent an innovative solution to the challenge of asset renewal in large-scale electricity distribution systems and demonstrate that renewable energy can effectively help to address the growing demand for electricity.

Microgrids work in the same way as large-scale electricity distribution systems, but instead of delivering electricity to hundreds of thousands of customers at a time, they are scalable, servicing targeted geographic areas, remote locations or communities with more diverse supply needs. In addition to being customized, Microgrids rely on a mix of clean and renewable sources of generation, located within close proximity to the electricity distribution system and are able to connect to it at multiple points. Because they are modular and secure, Microgrids can operate independently from the normal electricity system, as well as being able to store electricity from that system and feed it back in as required.