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Introducing Alectra Drive for the Workplace

The goal of Alectra Drive for the Workplace is to demonstrate the value of a smart electric vehicle (EV) charging system that manages the flow of electricity needed to serve the building and EV charging stations, so that electricity costs are minimized while EV drivers have an easy and accessible charging solution. This program aims to encourage the adoption of EV technology while helping businesses to manage their energy costs.

How does Alectra Drive for the Workplace benefit EV drivers?

Workplace charging is recognized as the second most common charging location for electric vehicles, after charging at home. Having charging stations at the workplace gives employees the peace of mind that they will always leave work with a full battery and ready to go. Thanks to the vehicle-side data made available to the EV charging system through technology provided by FleetCarma, the system can ensure that the battery is fully charged according to the driver’s schedule. For drivers without easy access to an EV charging station at home, having access to a charging system at their workplace can help make driving an EV a practical choice.

How does Alectra Drive for the Workplace benefit business owners?

Businesses benefit by having a managed solution that makes it easier to offer EV charging to their employees and guests. This managed solution also reduces the costs of EV charging by scheduling charging at times when electricity prices are low, while providing a tool that can be used to manage the building’s energy use. By integrating with the building’s automation system, as well as on-site battery electric storage and solar power, the host site can further reduce electricity bills while also creating revenue opportunities for demand response and other electricity market services.

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Alectra Drive for the Workplace at the Markham Civic Centre

This first of its kind initiative makes available 16 Level 2 EV charging stations (ten outdoor and six indoor) for program participants, plus one Level 2 charging station for public use. Alectra Utilities owns and operates the charging equipment and associated electrical infrastructure, and will be responsible for all maintenance costs during the pilot program.

A unique feature of Alectra Drive for the Workplace is the use of a Distributed Resource Management System (DRMS). This system, provided for the Markham Civic Centre by Schneider Electric, will manage and minimize the electricity needed by the building and EV charging stations during peak hours to help reduce energy costs while providing adequate charge to the electric vehicles.

EV charging stations - Markham Civic Centre

Our Partners

The Alectra Drive for the Workplace program would not be possible without the collaborative efforts of multiple partners in designing and implementing an integrated and automated EV workplace charging solution.

Schneider Electric



Aviva Canada

Robertson Bright Inc.

Plug'n Drive

Eguana Technologies


This project gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Independent Electricity System Operator and Natural Resources Canada.

Independent Electricity System Operator

Natural Resources Canada