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Advantage Power Pricing - A new way to comfortably save on electricity

We want to help our customers maximize the benefits they get from participating in Advantage Power Pricing (APP). This can mean a thermostat that gives you more control, or giving you tips to help you run your appliances at a lower cost.

As part of Advantage Power Pricing, we are currently providing two types of incentives on smart thermostats, as described below.

Smart Thermostat Incentive 1:

Customers with certain models of thermostats can receive a $75 incentive for enrolling their thermostat to participate in peak shifting activities. Customers with a Nest, ecobee, Honeywell UtilityPRO or ExpressStat model are eligible for this offer. The first $50 incentive will be provided after enrollment, with another $25 to come in the Fall of 2018. These incentives will be provided as bill credits.

By enrolling, customers can schedule their thermostat and also adjust its settings remotely through a web portal; in exchange, your thermostat will automatically reduce air conditioning load during peak periods. Visit the registration page for your smart thermostat below for more information.

Save more and register your existing smart thermostat now:

Smart Thermostat Incentive 2:

Customers who do not have one of these thermostats may be eligible for free installation of an Energate Foundation thermostat. In addition to scheduling, this thermostat can respond to price signals, pre-heating or cooling your home in advance of peak price periods and reducing its consumption during high-priced periods. Your Foundation thermostat also acts as a gateway to control other Energate thermostats or switches so that you can control these devices through the MyEnergate mobile app or web portal. To be eligible for this offer, customers must have central air conditioning and a dedicated Wi-Fi connection that the thermostat can connect to.


To find out more or to sign up for one of these two incentives, please contact us at or call 1-844-952-5291.

There are no requirements or restrictions for customers to have a smart thermostat. Customers are welcome to use their existing thermostat or to obtain one through the Green Ontario Fund or through natural gas utilities.