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Advantage Power Pricing - A new way to comfortably save on electricity
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We don't want you to give up the comforts you love. That's why we're always working towards a way for you to live better while saving on your energy bill. Advantage Power Pricing (APP) gives you options to do just that.

Originally launched May 1, 2015, this program has been improved with new options and features, and extended to run until February 28, 2019. Customers can register until the program is fully subscribed in February 2018, and can end their participation in this voluntary program at any time. We extended the risk-free period to participate until February 28, 2018, so you have more time to try the program without worrying that you’ll pay more than you would have under standard Time-of-Use rates.

We're providing this pricing plan to empower customers to take charge of their electricity bills — you don’t have to give up comforts to save on energy costs, you just have to pick the plan that best fits your lifestyle, so that savings come naturally. You can even get an incentive on a smart thermostat!

APP-Dynamic features a variable On-peak period from 3:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. on non-holiday weekdays. All other hours remain at Off-peak rates, which are much lower than standard Time-of-Use rates. This means you're paying a lower price over more hours, giving you a more convenient schedule and the opportunity to reduce costs.

Read our participant brochure for more information. If you have questions, please write to us at or call 1-844-952-5291.

APP-Dynamic: Percent of hours for each price tier

Advantage Power Pricing - Dynamic: Weekday price schedule

APP-Dynamic Plan Rate Schedule

Current Time-of-Use: Winter weekdays (November 1, 2017 - April 30, 2018)

Winter Time-of-Use Chart - Weekdays

For both the APP-Dynamic and the Time-of-Use rate plans, weekends and holidays are always Off-peak.

The APP-Dynamic Off-peak rate is 25 per cent lower than standard Time-of-Use rates and is in effect for 18 hours on weekdays, and all day on weekends and holidays.

During the On-peak period, either the Low, Medium or High rate is in effect. In each Winter and Summer season, 50 per cent of days will have the Low price, 30 per cent will have the Medium price, and the remaining 20 per cent will have the High price. The price on any given day will be communicated on the previous day, based on electricity system conditions. There is also a Critical Peak price that is in effect for four hours on the six highest demand days each season. A minimum of two hours’ notice will be given before a Critical Peak pricing period. The price during Critical Peak periods is 49.8¢/kWh.

Thermostat Incentives

To help maximize your savings from the program, Alectra Utilities offers support to provide additional features for smart thermostats while helping the electricity system avoid high peaks. You can get an incentive of $75 by enabling this feature through your smart thermostat, while also making it easier to reduce your costs.

A limited number of eligible customers could receive free installation of a new Energate Foundation thermostat instead of the $75 incentive.

Visit our APP Technology page for more information.

Phase 1

September 1, 2017 – February 28, 2018 is a risk-free trial period. During this period, you will be able to develop savings from participating in APP-Dynamic by taking advantage of the new rates associated with the trial. At the end of Phase 1, you will receive a bill credit for the amount that you’ve saved, up to a maximum of $500. If APP-Dynamic would have cost you more, you’re protected. You only have to pay your regular bill from Alectra Utilities according to standard Time-of-Use rates.

Phase 2

March 1, 2018 – February 28, 2019 your electricity costs will be based on the new rates used in APP-Dynamic. The difference between your electricity costs calculated under standard Time-of-Use rates and the new APP-Dynamic rate plan will be listed as a bill credit or debit on your bill from Alectra Utilities. During this period, this means that the electricity line on your bill will be based on the rates associated with this program. While we designed this program to create opportunities for customers to reduce their electricity costs, some customers could pay more. Customers are advised to review their household patterns and electricity consumption profile (provided on your monthly report and/or web portal) to assess opportunities to shift consumption to lower-priced periods.

Summer and winter rate periods

With Advantage Power Pricing – Dynamic Plan, the price schedule is the same in both winter (November 1-April 30) and summer (May 1-October 31). No matter which season, on weekends and holidays the Off-peak rate is in effect all day. Prices in Advantage Power Pricing may change on May 1, 2018 to coincide with any changes to Ontario’s Regulated Price Plan – customers will be informed in advance of any changes to the plan.

Additional Resources

For more detailed information, please review the additional resources below:

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Ontario Energy Board
This is one of a series of pilots under way across Ontario led by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) whose mandate is to promote a sustainable and efficient energy sector that provides consumers with reliable energy services at a reasonable cost. With the participation of utilities and their customers, the OEB’s goal with these pilots is to test different electricity price plans designed to give greater consumer control and help Ontario’s power system run more efficiently.