Watt Reader Loan Program

Getting a read on your electricity costs

Alectra Utilities (formerly PowerStream), working in conjunction with the public libraries in Aurora, Markham, New Tecumseth, Penetanguishene, Richmond Hill and Vaughan, offers a program that puts household energy measurement into the hands of residential and low volume customers.

Through Alectra Utilities' Watt Reader Loan Program, a device that measures appliance electricity loads or a hand-held power monitoring device with in-home display can now be borrowed for a specified period of time from any of the public libraries located within the seven municipalities. The lending program offers a simple and expense-free way for customers to get a “read” on the amount of electricity used throughout their home in real-time.

The appliance measurement device allows customers to determine the amount of electricity used by plug-in appliances throughout their home. It can be left running for several hours to measure the electricity consumed by appliances that run intermittently, such as refrigerators.

The hand-held power monitoring device is a wireless display unit that allows consumers to instantly view and calculate a home’s electricity costs, by monitoring usage from moment-to-moment and estimating a monthly bill amount.

Customers borrowing either the appliance measurement device or the hand-held power monitoring device will receive simple operating instructions that will facilitate their use and help customers calculate their electricity costs. Customers can also take advantage of real-time feedback on electricity consumption to help reduce electricity costs.

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