Renewable Generation (FIT & microFIT)

Feed-in Tariff (FIT) and microFIT

The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) offers two programs which allow customers to generate and sell renewable electricity back to the provincial grid:

Collage of renewable generating sources | FIT Program Information, IESO

FIT Program | Over 10 kiloWatts

Information for renewable energy developers

image of roofers installing solar panels | microFIT Program Information IESO

microFIT Program | 10 kiloWatts or less

Information for homeowners and other eligible participants

Learn More About the IESO's Renewable Generation Programs and How to Get Started:

How to Connect a Generator to the Alectra Utilities (formerly PowerStream) Distribution System:

Alectra Utilities customers can connect generators under the FIT and microFIT programs or can connect a generator to reduce their bill by using the Net Metering program.

Available Capacity for FIT Projects on the Alectra Utilities Distribution System:

Alectra Utilities' electricity distribution system has technical limits to the amount of generation that can be connected at any point on the system. When the technical limits are reached, the system is considered to have reached its capacity. The capacity for various sections of the distribution system varies as it is dependent upon the equipment installed along the path from the generator to the user.

In order to accept electricity generated by a generation project, Alectra Utilities must ensure there is sufficient capacity available to deliver the electricity to those who need it. This can only be accurately determined by performing a Connection Impact Assessment, which is done when the generator submits a Form B to Alectra Utilities.

To assist generators in making initial project decisions, Alectra Utilities publishes information regarding station capacity and existing FIT applications. The documents below offer information to make preliminary design decisions.

  • List of Station Capacity - List of Allocated Capacity on stations owned by Alectra Utilities.
  • List of FIT Applications - List of current applications to connect renewable generation facilities to the Alectra Utilities distribution system.

Contact Information:

Customers interested in connecting an embedded generator to the Alectra Utilities distribution or subtransmission system should contact Alectra Utilities by phone 1-877-963-6900 or email