Heating & Cooling
Number 1 Look for a licensed and experienced professional who is registered as a participating Save on Energy contractor.
Number 2 Review the manufacturer's warranty and maintenance agreement.
Number 3 Confirm your contractor has liability insurance.
Number 4 Be sure to select an ENERGY STAR® certified unit.
Number 5 Get several quotes and ask for references.
Home comfort incentives available

Take advantage of Save on Energy incentives when purchasing a new or replacing an old air conditioner or furnace.

Depending on the model you choose, you can get:

HVAC Air conditioner 
$250 or $400 
for an air
OR HVAC Furnace 
for a furnace
How to get your incentive

Follow these steps:

Step 2 - Purchase and Install an ENERGY STAR certified furnace or air conditioner
Purchase and Install an ENERGY STAR® certified furnace or air conditioner.
Step 3 - Your contractor will complete the incentive forms
Your contractor will complete the incentive forms, send it to you via email for you to review and submit.
Step 4 - Receive your incentive cheque in the mail
Receive your incentive cheque in the mail. Enjoy the ongoing savings.
Energy Saving Tip
A programmable thermostat can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 10%. In the summer, set your AC to 25°C when you're at home and 28°C when you're away.

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