Compare Usage In My Area - How It Works
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"Compare Usage in My Area" is an online benchmarking tool that compares your usage with your neighbourhood based on bills issued within the same postal code area on the same day and for the same time period.

Do I use less electricity than my neighbours?

In My Account, customers can select "usage" for kWh consumption comparison or "amount" for dollar value comparison of the bill's "electricity" charges. Variances in results between usage and amount comparisons can indicate electricity use during different Time-of-Use periods or accounts on fixed price retail contracts. Customers for whom Alectra Utilities (formerly PowerStream) is their water/wastewater billing agent can also compare "water" in addition to "electricity".

Register for My Account

In order to access the Compare Usage in My Area tool, you must first register for My Account. You will need your Alectra Utilities account number and last payment amount made to Alectra Utilities. Once registered, you will have full online access to your account data and tools like Compare Usage in My Area.

Compare Usage in My Area ~ sample chart:

Compare Usage in My Area - sample chart