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  • Residential PowerStream accounts are billed every two months (approximately every 60 days).

  • If you are moving into, out of, or within the PowerStream service territory contact us to schedule a final meter reading. We require notification a minimum of three business days prior to your moving date. For your convenience, options are detailed in Opening and Closing Accounts.


Ontario Regulation 275/04 identifies the headings and definitions to be shown on standardized bills issued by electricity distributors to their low-volume consumers, such as residential consumers and small businesses.

The standard electricity bill shows a glossary of terms, messages about conservation, and historical consumption data so consumers can track their electricity use. This format is consistent across the province.

This list shows the terms that appear on electricity bills and what they mean:
Electricity This is the cost of the electricity supplied to you during this billing period and is the part of the bill that is subject to competition. The electricity consumed is multiplied by the adjustment factor*. PowerStream collects this money and pays this amount directly to our suppliers.

*When electricity is delivered over a power line, it is normal for a small amount of power to be consumed or lost as heat. Equipment, such as wires and transformers, consumes power before it gets to your home or business. The adjustment factor accounts for these losses.
Delivery These are the costs of delivering electricity from generating stations across the Province to PowerStream then to your home or business. This includes the costs to build and maintain the transmission and distribution lines, towers and poles and operate provincial and local electricity systems. A portion of these charges are fixed and do not change from month to month. The rest are variable and increase or decrease depending on the amount of electricity that you use.
Regulatory Charges Regulatory Charges are the costs of administering the wholesale electricity system and maintaining the reliability of the provincial grid.
Debt Retirement ChargeThe debt retirement charge pays down the debt of the former Ontario Hydro.
Global AdjustmentThe price of generation in Ontario is set by a competitive market. Certain generators receive payments through regulation or contract that differ from the market price. Your portion of the net adjustment arising from these different payments may be included on your bill.