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PowerStream Smart Meters Have a Proven Safety Record
Although PowerStream does use Sensus meters, the specific model recalled by
the ESA is not in use in our service territory. Read more here.
Compare Usage in My Area
Click here to learn more about PowerStream's online benchmarking tool that compares accounts registered in My Account Info!
You asked for more ways to save - we listened!
We are proud to introduce Advantage Power Pricing, a new risk-free pricing plan that makes it easy to save money on electricity. Click here for more information.
Electricity is a necessity we expect at the push of a button.
However, operating & maintaining our electricity system across Canada is much
more complicated. Learn why we are investing today for power tomorrow.
PowerStream is once again alerting customers to a telephone scam.
Criminals posing as utility employees are asking for pre-paid payment cards.
Click here to learn what to do if you receive a suspicious call.